Does your community or organization have a clear sense of how it would like to be? Its desired future? What opportunities it wants to provide for its members? What are its unique charcteristics and strengths? Is it clear how to assure that the community is sustainable -- providing for health, prosperity and colaboration in the long term?   Or is the community mainly reacting to problems that arise, simply putting out fires? Does the strategic plan mainly sit on a shelf? Although unexpected problems are inevitable, addressing them in a strategic way can help your community or organization keep moving toward it’s desired future. 

Does it have an action plan and implementation method that leads to success? 

I am my associates guide your community or organization to identify the aspirations most important to your members and then to picture the desired future. We conduct research to discover what exists now and what barriers may be blocking the way. Together we construct an action plan. Most importantly, we show you how to stay focused and moving forward toward your desired future. 


We work on site or through virtual meetings on Zoom or other. 

To learn more, you may schedule a free 30-minute discussion to explore if and how we might work together. 


Leaders in Vietnam discuss strategy for sustainable forestry and agriculture.