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How we can help

Do you spend your time on thinigs that really matter to you, on things you love? On your highest aspirations? Or, is most of your time spent on putting out fires or doing things you think you have to do? We all have a limited number of hours, days, and years in our lives. We choose how to spend them. We can create our lives around what matters to us or simply react to whatever comes our way. 

I help you identify what is most important to you and what you would love to create -- in your career, your relationships, or your life. 

I explore with you what is keeping you from creating what you want. Many forces are at play that influence what we do; part of success is learning how to work with those forces as well as with the limitations we put on ourselves. Most importantly, we help you learn how to stay focused, using the “path of least resistance” to keep moving toward what you want. 

I work with you by telephone, Skype or Zoom, or in person. 

To learn more, please schedule a free 20-minute talk to explore if and how my  services might be useful to you -- by filling out the contact form. 


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